cryy22 [me] gulch guardians

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steam store page -- demo available page -- playable in browser and mostly works on mobile

gg facts

developer cryy22 (solo boi)
release date 2024
publisher none... why?
you interested?
platforms PC, Steam Deck
(Switch, mobile, macOS TBD)
price TBD
cacti several

what's this about, pardner?

GULCH GUARDIANS is an adorable roguelike deckbuilder with an Old West drawl and a truly unhinged class system including jobs like Cactus, Gym Rat, Chemist, Gunslinger, CEO, and Corrupt Sheriff -- and that's just the demo.

Players build and manage a ragtag team of varmints to defend their Gulch against an invading army via complex and dynamic turn-based autobattles, and use cards to change the outcome of each encounter.

Gulch Guardians is a solo project by cryy22, who is the creator of all the design, programming, art, music and UX for this game. Originally started as a long-term project to work on between game jams, GG found a small but dedicated audience on and took on a life of its own.

Gulch Guardians will be cry's first commercial game project.

art n' assets


these pics go hard... feel free to screenshot right click + save

promo art

assorted varmints


movin' pictures

official bootleg trailer

holler at me

yer best bet is discord, either my server or via DM (I'm cryy22).

you could also try my twitter (DMs are open).

if you DESPERATELY NEED an email... try business [at] cryy22 [dot] art.

can i stream and monetize the game?

you can stream and/or upload videos of this game and you can monetize 'em too. go nuts!!

also, since i made all the music in this game, i can personally guarantee you 100% there ain't no content id match nonsense in yer GG streamin' future, friend-o.

: )